What Cause the Deformation of Propane O-rings
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Propane o-rings are one of the most widely used sealing products. The production process is relatively simple and the materials used are more. The O-ring is a typical sealing effect produced by extrusion deformation. When the pressure is greater than the pressure of the sealing medium, the sealing effect will be produced when the pressure is less than the pressure of the sealing medium, and leakage will occur when the pressure is less than.

What Cause the Deformation of Propane O-rings

The causes of permanent deformation of propane o-rings are as follows:

1. Propane o-rings compression and stretching factors.

Due to the different formula of the O-ring compound, the compression and stretching amount of O-ring produced by different enterprises are also different. The product in the long-term compression state will produce the image of compressive stress relaxation, this phenomenon will gradually expand with time, the longer the time, the smaller the amount of compression and tension, so that its lack of elasticity leads to leakage. The most direct way to change is to increase the cross-section size of the product, but it will also lead to an increase in the product structure.


2. The relationship between temperature and propane o-rings relaxation process.

Temperature is very important for the relaxation of the O-ring. No matter what kind of rubber material, it will accelerate the aging speed under high temperatures. When the temperature in the environment is higher, the deformation of gas compression will be greater. When the product deformation exceeds 40%, the O-ring will slowly lose its elastic capacity, resulting in leakage.


3. The influence of medium working pressure on the deformation of propane o-rings.

Compared with the above two factors, the pressure of the medium has a greater impact on the deformation of the O-ring seal, which is the most common situation causing the deformation of the O-ring in all working conditions. With the development of modern hydraulic equipment, the pressure of the hydraulic medium is increasing. When O-ring works in this high-pressure environment for a long time, the permanent deformation of the O-ring will be caused It is irreversible, so different materials should be selected for different working pressure, and the rubber material with relatively high pressure should be selected. Correspondingly, in order to cope with higher working pressure, the hardness of the sealing ring of pressure-resistant material will also increase with the increase.

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