Characteristics of the Propane O-rings Seal
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The selection of propane o-rings is of great significance to its sealing performance and service life. The properties of materials directly affect the performance of the propane o-rings. In addition to the general requirements of sealing ring material, the following conditions should be paid attention to for propane o-rings seal:

1. It is elastic and resilient;

2. Appropriate mechanical strength, including expansion strength, elongation, and tear strength.

3. It has stable performance, is not easy to swell in the medium, and the thermal contraction effect (Joule effect) is small.

4. It is easy to machine and shape, and can keep a precise size.

5. It will not corrode the contact surface and pollute the medium.

The most suitable and commonly used material to meet the above requirements is rubber, so O-rings are mostly made of rubber materials. There are many kinds of rubber, and new rubber varieties appear constantly. When designing and selecting, we should understand the characteristics of all kinds of rubber and select them reasonably.

Secondly, there is silica gel in rubber. Silica gel is also commonly used to make O-ring (Nuoyi silica gel O-shaped sealing gasket), such as the sealing ring of Le Kou fresh-keeping box and the air hole gasket on the cover of Le button. The sealing ring produced by high-quality silica gel is not only smooth but also has strong flexibility. It is non-toxic and tasteless.

propane o-rings

Characteristics of the propane o-rings seal:

1. Speed:

The maximum reciprocating speed can reach 0.5m/s under static condition.

When there is no retaining ring, the maximum pressure is 20MPa and the maximum rotation speed is 2.0m/s.

When there is a retaining ring, the maximum pressure is 40 MPa.

2. Medium and temperature:

When there is a special retaining ring, the maximum pressure can reach 200 MPa.

3. Maximum compression of dynamic pressure:

When there is no retaining ring, the maximum reciprocating motion can reach 5MPa, and the static seal is 20% of the diameter of the O-ring.

When there are retaining rings, high-pressure dynamic seal: 30% of O-ring diameter.

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