The difference of propane o-rings and ​D-type sealing ring
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Propane o-rings

Propane o-rings is a ring rubber seal with a circular cross-section. It is mainly used to prevent the leakage of liquid and gas medium in mechanical parts under static conditions. In some cases, the propane o-rings can also be used as a dynamic sealing element with axial reciprocating motion and low-speed rotary motion. According to different conditions, different materials can be selected to adapt to it

The propane o-rings with a large cross-section should be selected as much as possible when selecting propane o-rings. Under the same clearance, the volume of propane o-rings squeezed into the gap should be less than the maximum allowable value.

D-type sealing ring

D-ring is not easy to be twisted and damaged during reuse. When it works at low temperatures, its contact pressure is larger than O-ring, and it is not easy to gnaw. It is a kind of rubber seal with good self-sealing performance. Its type belongs to a special-shaped section O-ring. Its mold is similar to O-ring mold, and the parting surface is selected at the largest arc.  

Propane o-rings

Determination and design of die structure

1. Basic design requirements

If the static sealing effect of the designed sealing ring is 6.3 ~ 3.2um, and for dynamic sealing, RA < 1.6um. 2. Mold assembly and disassembly, packing and take out products, do not damage products

The die is composed of upper and lower die and core, with opening mouth, inclined guide groove for core and upper and lower die, and inclined plane positioning for core and upper and lower die. There is a blowhole between the upper mold and the cavity, and a semicircular residual material groove with a radius of 2 is opened near the cavity of the lower die, which ensures that the products can be taken out easily, the mold assembly and disassembly, and the filling is easy to use.

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